Thriving comes down to choice rather than chance. Our daily habits and rituals determine our destiny; they are the keys to optimal health and longevity. Promote your well-being naturally by living Nature’s pHarmacy®.

About Dr. Jaffe​ (DrJ)

While I was traditionally trained in internal medicine, biochemistry and physiology, my journey across cultures, time and philosophies has given me a rather unique East meets West perspective. East meets West is my synthesis of doing, being, and integrating. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you.

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– Russell Jaffe, MD, Ph.D., CCN

Living Nature’s pHarmacy

Living Nature’s pHarmacy®

Our personalized approach to health is based upon half a century of my research and quest for what helps people extend their healthspan. You are and become what you eat, drink, think and do – let us discover your unique path to better health together!

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Learn the principles of Living Nature’s pHarmacy®

The 21st century has brought with it unprecedented challenges. Health and environmental effects of toxins introduced in the last half century have led to reductions in life expectancy, reproductive health, and quality of life and increases in anti-nutrients, loss of quality soil, impaired immune defense and repair, and digestive disorders. Despite these challenges, there are still remarkable opportunities for those who choose more wisely. This book is a guide to reconnecting and rediscovering your healing capacities by embracing a nature, nurture, and wholeness approach to life.