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Join DrJ and discover your unique enabled path to wellness and explore Nature’s pHarmacy™.

My medical education started in the conventional manner. It was my good fortune to apprentice with comprehensive practitioners, healers, and spiritual beings. They introduced me to healing modalities that still mostly lie outside of academic Western Medicine. Through those experiences, I rediscovered that we all have the power to change our lives, habits, and future, particularly by choosing wisely and comprehensively about what we eat, drink, think and do!

Each of us can choose to thrive rather than just survive.

Your chemistry, your relationships, and your history all interconnect to make you who you are. You are unique. Now is the time for you to nurture and engage your innate healing capacities.

Let’s each of us rise above life’s burdens and afflictions. By finding daily rituals and habits that are the keys to a long, healthy, happy life that works for you.


Dr. J

I was traditionally trained in internal medicine, biochemistry, and physiology. My sense was that there must be something more. I set out to uncover the secrets of thriving health by examining some of the traditional practices from other parts of the world. During my time of discovery, I was fortunate enough to apprentice and befriend several traditional practitioners, healers, and spiritual guides, who introduced me to healing modalities outside or ignored by reductionist Western Medicine.

I met Jing Nuan Wu, a Taoist priest and acupuncturist and saw first-hand the life-changing results in his clients. I stayed with him for a seven-year apprenticeship after which I taught a three-year course, “Oriental Strategies in Western Medical Practice” — the first program for medical acupuncture licensure in New York and California and an early step in blending Western and Eastern approaches

Many other noteworthy people crossed my path and helped me on this journey of self-awareness. There is one who stands out. I heard about a Cambodian Buddhist monk who had decoded a color healing system that was used 2,500 years ago, practiced for 5 centuries, and lost for 20 centuries. Sam Dech Preah Bhanté Vira Bellong Dharmawara Mahathera, known as Bhanté (Reverend), and I were mostly together for the last 30 years of his life. He was one of only two monks who outranked His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Bhanté went on to become my friend and teacher of many things, including his non-invasive color healing paradigm. His philosophies and teachings have influenced my insights into wellness and to Nature’s pHarmacy.


About DrJ

For half a century, DrJ has been investigating, researching, and communicating. As a physician and scientist, he aspired to be comprehensive, objective, empiric, and experiential. DrJ started his career that included a passion for deeper understanding, wisdom, evidence, and insight into mechanisms of good and ill health.

Starting from intense curiosity and learned skepticism, DrJ sought to debunk the best-known advocates of a variety of traditional health promotion and healing systems. What started as a journey to disprove holistic forms of care became a rich educational experience that transformed DrJ into a student and then researcher in such areas as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture, active meditation, systems biology, and manipulative arts.

DrJ came to stunning realizations. The Western model of healthcare he studied, trained in, and researched was fundamentally flawed. He learned that symptom suppression is not the same as personalized health promotion; sick care is not the same as healthful caring; abstract information is not the same as relevant wisdom. He rediscovered that treating disease is not the same as helping whole people heal.

The discoveries DrJ made during this period of exploration inspired a rethinking for how to teach and practice medicine. He became deeply involved in healthcare policy and became an original pioneer of the preventative healthcare movement that is now reaching mainstream attention. At a minimum, a million lives annually in the US alone can be saved with what is now known about lifestyle and environmental influences on health. The results include a trillion dollars annually to fund the transition to health promotion before disease treatment. This also adds eight trillion dollars annually to the US national balance sheet.


Predicting the change that is now accelerating, DrJ went on to create a series of organizations. Collectively, they provide people with sustainable and integrative healthcare solutions that focus on causes more than consequences, a full rethinking of the current system to include high tech yet high touch personalized proactive predictive primary prevention practices and protocols.

Today, DrJ continues to advance and document the benefits of lifelong wellbeing. Join us. Spread this message of help and hope, evidence, and experience to provide us all the news they need to know to live healthier, happier lives in the 21st Century.


DrJ has been rethinking healthcare since the start of his medical career in the early 70s. With a unique East meets West perspective, DrJ’s books give you all the tools for body, mind, soul, and spirit to enable you to thrive in the 21st Century

Natural Bone Health: A Practitioner's Guide to Healthy Bones, Joints, and Muscles

Over the years, thought-leading scientist and integrative healthcare pioneer, Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN, and medical anthropologist and certified clinical nutritionist Susan Brown, PhD, CCN, have guided thousands of individuals to build and maintain lifelong bone strength, while at the same time maximizing overall health using this “Physiology First” principle of the Alkaline Way approach, which dictates that every action taken to strengthen bone should be of benefit to the entire fabric of human biology. They, along with co-contributors Jayashree Mani, MS, CCN and Marcy Jaffe, MPA, MBA, share the science behind and the details of their approach to overcome the challenges of the 21st century and improve bone and total body health.

"Natural Bone Health is a quick read that it is chock-full of information that provides an easy three-step plan to maintain a healthy skeleton from birth until death."
Michael Holick, Ph.D, MD

"I feel that the authors have written the most comprehensive resource specifically addressing bone health that is available today."
Kevin Steele, Ph.D, Exercise Physiology, Health and Fitness Expert



The 21st century has brought with it unprecedented challenges such as reduced life expectancy, reproductive health, quality of life, quality of soil, immune defense and repair, and digestive function. Despite many challenges, there are remarkable opportunities for those who choose more wisely. This book is a guide to recon- necting and rediscovering your unique healing capacities and in- corporating life-changing habits and rituals that will add life to years and years to life. Starting with today’s scientific evidence and incorporating Eastern practices, Dr. Jaffe invites the reader on a journey of self-assess- ment, self-discovery,and self-awareness. You are unique. Your chemistry, your relationships, and your history all interconnect to make you who you are. Dr. Jaffe explains what to measure, what the measurements mean functionally, and what actions to take to achieve thriving health.

“Russ Jaffe never ceases to astonish me, from the day he walked into my lab, to his sterling contributions as a young pathologist to this marvelous compelling book on "How to thrive in the 21st century.” The book weaves the story of his own lifestyle and recommendations for everyone to consider in defining a lifestyle that if followed leads to a more productive and satisfying life. It is a "must read."
Carl Franzblau, PhD

Hazel Henderson, D.Sc.Hon., FRSA​

“Dr. Russell Jaffe synthesizes all the multi-disciplinary research in this holistic critique of medical education, research, science and practice, embedded in planetary evidence of the unsustainable, toxic technological trajectories of Western economies, lifestyles and ideologies of “progress.” This book should be required reading for all in science policy, politicians, educators, financial and business leaders, as well as aware citizens worldwide concerned with our common human future on Earth."
Hazel Henderson, D.Sc.Hon., FRSA

Amory B. Lovins

“Dr. Russell Jaffe helps reintegrate a medical system that too often defines health as the absence of symptoms, not the presence of vitality and resilience, and measures success by pills and procedures, not quality of life. Distilled from a lifetime of medical innovation and global insight, his practice reveals effective paths to healing that put physiology before pharmacology, the body’s wisdom before risky interference, informed choice before standard of care, and your own needs before vendors’ interests."
Amory B. Lovins, Adjunct Professor, Stanford University


“This book is written with you the consumer in mind and is not filled with overtly unpronounceable words like many other health books. Dr. Jaffe keeps it on a more basic level for all readers to enjoy. This book provides easy to do suggestions and guidance to make simple changes in your life that can have a positive impact on how you feel over time. Dr. Jaffe is a refreshing and insightful author that speaks from decades of experience and wisdom in this book. He speaks of how while working with the National Institute of Health, NIH) his goal was to "debunk" complimentary medicine and natural health and how his journey led him to do exactly the opposite. In the Appendix there are suggestions on how to make those changes with checklists that provide help to you along the way. Enjoy!”
Chris Greenman, Naturopath


Health is a matter of balance. Our bodies need to balance acid and alkaline properties in our cells: more acid cells leads to loss of cell resilience and increased illness. The Alkaline Way helps you choose foods and activities that will tip the scale toward a healthier and more alkaline state.

Joy in Living: The Alkaline Way is a complete guide to implementing this program. This guide provides everything you need to know to support your body’s own immune defense and repair, as well as your optimal digestive, detox and neurohormonal functions.

For over 20 years, world-renowned researcher Russell Jaffe MD, PhD, CCN and his team have offered this outstanding program to help people progress to sustainable optimal health. Follow the Alkaline Way and discover a healthier, happier you.

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