Ask Dr. J

Ask Dr. J: Can you explain the Green Light Therapy?

Ask Dr. J: Differences Between Delayed Hypersensitivities & Immediate

Ask Dr. J: Recommendations for Water Filtration Systems


Ask Dr. J: Hypermethylation Symptoms & Prevention

Ask Dr. J: When to use PERQUE Life Guard without PABA & Folicin

Ask Dr. J – What does it tell you if somebody shows up reactive to gliadin but not gluten?

Ask Dr. J – Blood Draw Recommendations for LRA by ELISA/ACT Test

Ask Dr. J – Should people take Magnesium & Choline for life or only when their pH is low?

Ask Dr. J – Could you talk about the need for Vitamin D and the value of testing Vitamin D levels?

Ask Dr. J – Are Lucid Dreams Considered Restful Sleep?


Ask Dr. J – PERQUE Potent C Guard Recommendation for someone taking 75%

Ask Dr. J – Effects of Diabetes on the liver of non-alcoholic patients




Dr. Russell Jaffe explains how PERQUE Regularity Guard improves cholesterol levels naturally

Dr. Russell Jaffe discusses the 3-6 month avoidance treatment period for LRA Testing


Functional Integrative Nutrition…an overview


Ask Dr. J Misc.


Ask Dr. J – Why should you do a 30 day detox?


How does one measure the pH in PERQUE Potent C Guard?


Ask Dr. J – Would a blood transfusion change someone’s LRA results?


Ask Dr. J – Dr. Jaffe Discusses PERQUE Mito Guard Plus


Ask Dr. J – What role does PERQUE MDP Plus Guard Play in Heart Health?

Ask Dr J Feb, 2015





Ask Dr J # 2


Ask Dr. J – Why does PERQUE use ubiquinone in PERQUE Mito Guard Plus?

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