Heart Disease Medications that Increase Viral Infection Risk

Men’s Health Supplement Recommendation

Patient Psychology of False Positive Reactive Items

Saccharomyces Boulardii Benefits

Taking Fish Oil While on Plavix

Can TMAO Concentrations Increase with Choline?

Why am I Still Sick with a Balanced pH?

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Vitamin D Benefits and How to Avoid Risks

Bradykinin and COVID-19

Benefits to Doing a C-Flush Before a Colon Hydrotherapy Session?

Colostrum/IgG Powder Health Benefits

Dangerously Low Platelet Levels and Supplementation

Can You Detox While Gathering Digestive Transit Time and pH Information?

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LRA Test Suggested for Digestive Symptoms

PERQUE Supplements for Depression and/or Anxiety

Elevated Cholesterol and High Omega 3/6 Ratio

Challenging the COMT Gene

Quercetin Dihydrate and The Coronavirus

PERQUE Triple EFA Guard™ or PERQUE EPA/DHA Guard™: Which One Should I Use?

What Types of Cases Warrants High Doses of Supplements?

Does TMAO Mean Increased Risk for CVD?

Low Dose Immunotherapy Feedback

RAST IgE Skin Testing vs LRA Testing by ELISA/ACT

Recommendations for West Coast Wildfire Air Quality

The Digesta Guard™ Difference!

Nebulizing food grade hydrogen peroxide and Lugol’s solution

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Lowering hsCRP with Food Choices

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Can a C Cleanse Cause a Panic Attack?

Serum Zinc Recommendation

How should PERQUE Potent C Guard be dosed to maintain an elevated serum level?

Hydrogen Rich Water

The Ins and Outs of Plant-Powered Protein Guard

Supplements Recommendation for Chronic Inflammatory Pain

Supplements for Sweets Cravings

Likelihood of Carrying a Virus After Being Exposed

Can Excessive Intake of Antioxidants Disrupt the Redox Balance?

How to Approach Chronically Elevated ASO

Top Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Explaining the Development of Acquired Immunity Through the Process of Exposure to Antigens

L-Ascorbate and Glutathione Deficiencies

How to Distinguish Between Helpful and Harmful Responses

Viral Replication and Its Relationship to Human Host Response

How does increasing Intracellular Zinc function as an antiviral strategy?

The best kind of ionizer for cleaning the air

The Homocysteine/Methionine Balance

Dr. Russell Jaffe on how to deal with mold

Dr. Jaffe Talks About Blood Spot Testing

Raising zinc intake and balancing with copper

Cysteine Protease Enzymes and the Coronavirus

Relationship between increased intestinal permeability and other clinical disorders

Are there any agents like Piperine that may enhance absorption of Vitamin C?

Is there a limit to Peak Plasma Concentrations of Vitamin C?

Using PERQUE Potent C Guard with Kidney Stones and High Levels of Oxalates

Does plasma level of Vitamin C reflect the needs of other tissues in the body?

PERQUE Mood Guard for younger population with depression and anxiety

Does increased gut permeability mean higher reactivity on the LRA Test?

Which PERQUE product would you recommend for night terrors?

Dr. Russell Jaffe talks about the LRA Test compared to silicon-based biochip method

Should hair coloring be avoided in preparation for the LRA Test?

Dr. Russell Jaffe on testing the presence of glyphosate in the various organs

Dr. Russell Jaffe is asked about gut bacteria and Vitamin K1

Can PERQUE Sleep Guard be given to children?

Testing delayed hypersensitivities for things other than food

Differences between other Liposomal products and PERQUE products

Dr. Russell Jaffe’s Thoughts on Liposomal Vitamin C

What are some common causes of attention disorders?

Dr. Russell Jaffe explains what high doses of melatonin can do to cancer cells

Best Sources for Cholecalciferol, Lanolin and Fish-based Vitamin D

Dr. Russell Jaffe clarifies the natural chemistry of ascorbate

Dr. Russell Jaffe on the best way to measure oxidative stress

Dr. Russell Jaffe talks about the PERQUE Detox Program

Can Gallstones Be Dissolved Naturally?

PERQUE Potent C Powder vs Tabsules

Dr. Russell Jaffe talks about PERQUE Life Guard™

Dr. Russell Jaffe on the GAPS and the SCD Diet in hoping to reverse inflammatory bowl disease

Can hormones be tested as delayed allergies?

Dr. Russell Jaffe explains the mechanism of action for ascorbate in PERQUE Potent C Guard Powder

How long after receiving LRA test results should you start to detox?

Are immediate allergies permanent?

Dr. Russell Jaffe on arsenic in rice and age group concerns

Dr. Russell Jaffe on Endocannabinoids

Should we rotate supplements?

What Makes PERQUE EPA/DHA Guard™ Higher Quality?

ALS Supplementation Recommendations

EPA/DHA Testing and The Omega-3 Index

Uses of L-Theanine and should we supplement with it?

New sensitivities after patient takes LRA Test

Do some food sensitivities stay around forever?

Dr. Russell Jaffe’s thoughts on N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

If it shows you are reactive to an item on the LRA test does it mean you were exposed prior?

Supplement recommendations for postpartum care

Ask Dr. J: Corn sensitivity and animals who have ingested corn feeds

Dr. Russell Jaffe discusses collagen

Why do people suffer from heart attacks due to ischemia but we don’t hear about nose or ear attacks?

Is Ascorbic Acid the Most Effective Form of Vitamin C?

Dr. Russell Jaffe Talks Gluten Intolerance Testing

Is the Dynamic Flow Model of Vitamin C still valid?

Dr. Russell Jaffe on Bone Broth for Intestinal Support

Lower Back Pain and Cloudy Urine with Vitamin C

Recommended Avoidance Time after LRA Testing

How does Vitamin C treat infection, decrease oxidative stress & more?

Should Vitamin C be taken with Quercetin Dihydrate?

Dr. Russell Jaffe’s recommendation for a female with elevated testosterone

Common causes of atrophic gastritis

Is taking an aspirin a day an effective way in preventing a cardiac event?

What does it mean when PERQUE Potent C Guard becomes discolored?

Health Benefits of Ghee vs. Butter

Recommended Dosage of PERQUE Potent C Guard Powder for Children

Evidence based tools to reverse increased intestinal permeability

Ask Dr. J: Recommendations for chemotherapy patients

Dr. Russell Jaffe shares his knowledge on spore based probiotics

Ask Dr. J: How can you tell the difference between a reaction and a detox symptom?

Dr. Russell Jaffe answers why he recommends grasses over grains

Best way to check for heavy metals in the body

What is the antigen process when it comes to the LRA by ELISA/ACT test?

Can Hair Loss Be Reversed?

Ask Dr. J: Can Nitric Oxide be effectively used as a supplement?

Dr. Russell Jaffe on common causes of vertigo and strategies to help resolve it

Supplements that are good for estrogen dominance

Dr. Russell Jaffe is asked how banned chemicals may show up on LRA results

Dr. Russell Jaffe’s recommendations for root canals

Dr. Russell Jaffe Comments on Apple Cider Vinegar

Dr. Russell Jaffe discusses what to test when checking for a specific sensitivity

Dr. Russell Jaffe on choline

Can Kidney Stones Be Dissolved Naturally?

Can nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) be reversed?

Benefits & Downfalls of Digestive Enzymes

Would PERQUE ever consider adding K2 to the PERQUE D3 formulation?

Dr. Russell Jaffe discusses higher than normal levels of heavy metals in blood

Ask Dr. J: Is there any way to improve testosterone levels without the use of exogenous hormones?

What is the ideal pH for drinking water?

Dr. Russell Jaffe is asked about using the C Cleanse weekly

Dr. Russell Jaffe explains how certain medications can interfere with LRA tests

Dr. Russell Jaffe explains the meaning of immune response

Can LRA tests be used for future reactivity to certain implants if there hasn’t been any exposure?

Dr. Russell Jaffe explains connection between detoxification and quality of sleep

How do you know if you are getting enough B-Complex?

Difference between testing cooked foods vs. raw foods when looking at the LRA test

Dr. Russell Jaffe: The mind, body, spirit connection

Dr. Russell Jaffe Explains Ubiquinol vs Ubiquinone

The Truth About Tanning Beds from Dr. Russell Jaffe

The Thyroid: Hyper vs Hypo from Dr. Russell Jaffe

Can you explain how Vitamin C could help regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle?

The Role of Digestive Health in Overall Health & Wellness

LRA Testing by ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies

PERQUE Integrative Health: Testing Vitamin D

PERQUE Integrative Health: Omega-3 Index

The PERQUE Integrative Health Vitamin C Difference

Ask Dr. J: Can you explain the Green Light Therapy?

Ask Dr. J: Differences Between Delayed Hypersensitivities & Immediate

Ask Dr. J: Recommendations for Water Filtration Systems

Ask Dr. J: Hypermethylation Symptoms & Prevention

Ask Dr. J: When to use PERQUE Life Guard without PABA & Folicin

Ask Dr. J – What does it tell you if somebody shows up reactive to gliadin but not gluten?

Ask Dr. J – Blood Draw Recommendations for LRA by ELISA/ACT Test

Ask Dr. J – Should people take Magnesium & Choline for life or only when their pH is low?

Ask Dr. J – Could you talk about the need for Vitamin D and the value of testing Vitamin D levels?

Ask Dr. J – Are Lucid Dreams Considered Restful Sleep?

Ask Dr. J –
PERQUE Potent C Guard Recommendation for someone taking 75%

Ask Dr. J – Effects of Diabetes on the liver of non-alcoholic patients



Dr. Russell Jaffe explains how PERQUE Regularity Guard improves cholesterol levels naturally

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Functional Integrative Nutrition…an overview

Ask Dr. J Misc.

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Ask Dr. J – Why does PERQUE use ubiquinone in PERQUE Mito Guard Plus?