Fermented Cucumber Salad

Cucumber Salad, Fermented

Fresh, crispy, hydrating and delicious, you will love my Fermented Cucumber Salad.
(All organic and biodynamic ingredients if possible)
  • ¼ cup organic apple cider vinegar
  • ¼ cup marcona almonds or pecans
  • 1 tsp Celtic Sea Salt
  • ¼ tsp ground peppercorns
  • 4 medium organic or biodynamic cucumbers
  • 2 T. fresh organic chives, finely chopped
  • 2 T. fresh organic dill, finely chopped
  • Small handful of currants (optional)
  1. In a large bowl place the vinegar, almonds, salt and a few grinds of pepper. Whisk together.
  2. Slice cucumbers into thin coins and add to vinegar almond mixture.
  3. Add chopped chives and dill. Toss to combine.
  4. Refrigerate for minimum an hour or overnight to allow flavors to settle.
  5. Season with salt and pepper. Enjoy!