Improve Weight and Health with Nature’s pHarmacy®

By Dr. Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, CCN

Healthier roadmap

Most people today are over-fed and undernourished. They lack essential nutrients that can be supplemented. They have too much anti-nutrient toxic and immune toxic exposure. Personalized, proactive, predictive, primary prevention practices and protocols can add life to years and years to life.

Use Nature’s pHarmacy and Nature’s Alkaline Way to stay well-nourished and at your best weight. We are meant to make choices that keep us lean. Gentle, effective makeovers – improvements — may be indicated for your kitchen, bedroom, and personal care that all contribute to a healthier weight and a healthier life.

Fat builds up in the liver when fat-loving, harmful chemicals are consumed. Much can be avoided by making better choices (such as always choosing organic or biodynamic foods and avoiding sugary or chemically-enhanced beverages). The rest can be detoxified by choosing smarter more bioavailable supplements that support liver, spleen, kidney, and skin detoxification. We can devote a few minutes several times a day to simply “being” and “hanging out.” We can undo the harm from sitting by stretching for five minutes each hour and staying hydrated.

Starting in academic medicine and science, I came as a skeptic and now advocate for healthier behaviors to save lives. Good crowds out bad. Surprisingly, bringing more healthy practices into your life crowds out the harmful. For example, healthier digestive supplements crowd out pathogens, parasites, and other bad bugs. Healthier meal and hydration choices crowd out unhealthy choices.

So What

Let’s start with what you eat, drink, think and do. Your lifestyle is otherwise known as “epigenetics.” This includes everything that is not genetic, not DNA. Your current and lifetime health is 92% determined by lifestyle habits. We can eat for life or sacrifice our health to processed, convenient, harmful packaged goods. Chipped, crisped, sweetened and artificially sweetened items are unhealthy. You are sweet enough as you are. No need to add sugar or any sweeteners. Avoid foods that make you crave them. Avoid unhealthy ingredients that consume and destroy needed nutrients. Avoid chemical hormone disrupters and ‘forever’ molecules. Eat a wide variety of whole foods that you can digest, assimilate, and eliminate without immune burden. Your digestion, detoxification, metabolism, mood, and productivity can all benefit from a whole foods diet. We also avoid edible oils that often have contaminants and unneeded calories. Edible oil-free foods are more nutritious and help you stay at your lean, healthy weight. Hydrate, stretch and nourish your digestive microbiome and it will nourish you.

Start each meal with something wet and warm. Hydrate well with broths, smoothies, soups, and uncontaminated mineral water. Eat until half full. Pause. Relax. Then if you want more, please proceed. Fresher is better. A little from the garden adds vitality to meals. We have suggestions about what and how to eat, hydrate, supplement, stretch, and achieve restorative sleep and better life balance. We recommend the PERQUE® digestive supplement quintet to restore or protect your digestive microbiome.  Keep your bedroom cool, dark and device free. Turn off WiFi. Spend a few minutes transitioning from doing during the day to beingrestored at night. This will result in a resilient immune defense and repair system, as well as hormones and neurochemicals that renew your whole system.

Action plan

Personalized, proactive, predictive, primary prevention practices and protocols can add life to years and years to life. Start with four self-assessments and include eight predictive biomarkers. Check your digestive transit time, the amount of nature’s vitamin C to Cleanse, your hydration status, and urine pH after rest. This gives you a meaningful snapshot of your strengths and your needs. This makes you smarter about your biology and how life is working for you. Thriving in the 21st Century requires us to engage in self-care. Adjust supplements as personally needed. Be comprehensive in your self-care plan.


Let nature gently nurture you. Let wholeness guide choices. In half a century in medicine and science, in practice and being mentored, the elegantly simple and simply elegant truths that we have incorporated have been proven to deliver results safely and effectively. Marketing hype often distracts and obscures these truths. Choose only restaurants that say they make whole foods from scratch. Observe how you feel afterward and a few days more. Follow the Tibetan aphorism: Eat half, walk double, laugh triple, and love unconditionally. Find reason to walk, ramble, amble and watch what is around you. Eat whole seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, and vegetables as snacks. Prepare for and benefit from restorative sleep. Devote a few minutes twice daily to inner space exploration and slow, deep abdominal breathing. Visit for more information.

News you can use

Read our book, Thriving in the 21st Century. Dr Russell Jaffe is a YouTube® channel with many videos to inform, inspire, and help. Read my first book, Joy in Living the Alkaline Way. Learn how to banish infectious risks like COVID, flu or any pathogen, parasites, or prion. Fatty liver (NAFLD and NASH), belly fat, and abnormal blood lipids are all reasons to follow this approach. Restore harmony through comprehensive healthcare for a better you.

Now is the time to go from No to Know. Self-tests and personalized tests interpreted to best outcome goal values allow you to know much about yourself. This allows more personalized care and more effective outcomes. This also favors the environment, reduces toxin exposure, and makes you more resilient. Follow this and similar guidance to live joyfully and vibrantly. Your excess fat and toxins will melt away over just a few months. Damaged fats will be replaced by healthier fats. Blood fats become healthier. Major risk factors are redressed. Risks to the heart, brains, organs, digestion, and infrastructure all improve. Bones, joints, muscles, and blood vessels renew, rebuild and repair. We have done numerous community-based outcome studies, case successes to confirm this approach, and double blind placebo controlled peer reviewed published studies.

Choose healthier habits. Live more fully and be well. When anything happens, particularly if it might cause distress, take a moment to breathe, witness, and assess. Fortitude is often an option and another choice rather than flight or fight. The amazing fact is that if we engage healthier habits, we yield many delicious dividends. Over a decade ago, I lost 65 extra pounds. A healthier makeover occurred. According to functional tests, I became biologically younger. My weight today is my college weight. My biomarkers are rechecked very six months. I am looking forward to the discoveries yet to be made over the next half century to further improve our health. Everything is connected to everything. When we choose life, everything gets better. Thriving rather than surviving or getting by is possible now.