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On this episode of “Ask Dr. J”, a practitioner new to recommending the C Cleanse writes in to get Dr. Russell Jaffe’s thoughts on a patient that experienced a severe panic attack 2 hours after completing a C Cleanse. Could the 2 be related? Tune in to hear what Dr. J has to say!Read More

The Docs are back and this time Dr. Russell Jaffe and Dr. Susan Brown are talking about the C-Cleanse! Tune in for some awesome education and inspiration from your two favorite Docs!Read More

In this week’s edition of “Ask Dr. J”, Dr. Russell Jaffe is asked which part of the day is better to use PERQUE Potent C Guard to cleanse the body—morning or evening? For more information on PERQUE Potent C Guard, please visit here.Read More

  When people hear of cleansing, they instinctively believe they have to go on special diets and juices that could starve them of the vital nutrients our bodies need. Not this C Cleanse — this one is much different. According to PERQUE, the C Cleanse is a process that involves the body identifying the need […]Read More