Inflammation Revealed, Repaired, Renewed, Restored and Resolved

Inflammation is really repair deficit.

What does that really mean? When the body is operating at its best, it functions to repair any insults and injuries that occur on both a macro and cellular level. As it encounters pathogens, toxins and antinutrients, it quickly works to detoxify and eliminate them to keep us functioning properly.

But what happens when the systems become overwhelmed? That leads to a deficit in repair – in that the assaults keep coming faster than the repair mechanisms can keep up. This can lead to all kinds of symptoms and measurable signs, from low grade feelings of “blah,” to a variety of full-on autoimmune conditions. Symptoms often include fatigue, mood swings, impaired sleep, and reduced endurance.

“Inflammation” is a pathology term that comes from the Latin “inflammare” (to set on fire).

It refers to five kinds of disability: redness (rubor), swelling (tumor), heat (calor), pain (dolor), and loss of function (functio laesa) that are hallmarks of acute or chronic assaults that overwhelm the body’s ability to repair. Which is why we prefer to re-frame inflammation as “repair deficit.” When the deficit is reversed, healing begins.

This can be observed on a cellular level.  Cytokines from essential fats and antibodies from immune white cells (lymphocytes) are produced inside the gland or organ needing repair. When repair is complete, the cytokines and antibodies disappear. That is seen in glands such as thyroid or adrenals, as well as in muscles and joints, and organs and systems.  Therefore, promoting repair can reverse both acute and chronic inflammation and its associated biomarkers.

So how does one promote repair?

In order to reverse the repair deficit, the body needs essential nutrients, sometimes in large quantities, to meet its immediate needs. After all, fighting invaders, toxins, and antinutrients takes a lot of resources! And vitamins and minerals act as cofactors to many enzymatic reactions in the body to provide the necessary fuel to promote repair.

Interestingly, most conventional anti-inflammatory medications act to inhibit the body’s normal repair mechanisms. Most heart, blood vessel, blood pressure, and joint related conditions are in fact repair deficits. Platelets and white blood cells play important roles in repair. They should not be inhibited.

Using the Nature’s pHarmacy principles and lifestyle practices, in addition to prudent nutrient supplementation, and delayed allergy testing, we have documented many cases of full remission of thyroiditis and of Addison’s adrenalitis. We also have documented successes in other autoimmune conditions such as asthma, pneumonitis, polymyositis, irritable bowel diseases (IBS, UC, Crohn’s), MS, myocarditis, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s senility (diabetes of the brain) and other conditions ending in “-itis,”  meaning inflammation (repair deficit).

Reversing Repair DeficitOur recommended  principles for reversing repair deficit in the body:

  1. Eat whole, minimally processed foods in a wide variety of ways.) Review Nature’s pHarmacy Principles to Eat By Part 1 and Part 2.)
  2. Hydrate adequately, avoiding added sugars and artificial flavorings.
  3. Get plenty of restorative sleep.
  4. Add an exercise or movement practice into your daily routine.
  5. Use LRA tests to remove additional burdens on the immune system to achieve immune defense and repair immune tolerance.
  6. Supplement needed nutrients. These are the nutrients to focus on in cases of repair deficit:
  • Antioxidants such as nature’s ascorbate (100% l-ascorbate) vitamin C (as in PERQUE Potent C Guard™*) along with polyphenolic plant compounds such as quercetin dihydrate and OPCs (as in PERQUE Repair Guard™*).
  • Buffering minerals such as magnesium (As in PERQUE Mg Plus Guard™* with PERQUE Choline Citrate™* for enhanced uptake and function.)
  • Cofactors such as micellized CoQ10 (As in PERQUE Mito Guard Plus™*)
  • Micellized omega-3 fatty acids (As in PERQUE EPA/DHA Guard™* Take enough micellized EPA/DHA to keep your omega 3 index above 8%.)
  • Vitamin D3 to keep blood levels between 50 and 80 ng/ml (As in PERQUE D3 Cell Guard™*)
  • Consider discussing the PERQUE® digestive health quintet with your healthcare practitioner. This is a new paradigm; an advanced understanding of how to approach full repair and sustained remission. This promotes collagen and elastin connective tissue infrastructure repair from within so that cells are properly oriented and can do their specific tasks.

The amount of each of the recommended nutrients to take for repair is dependent on your body’s individual needs. The C-calibration protocol (ascorbate cleanse) can be used weekly to determine your daily need for nature’s ascorbate. The amount of magnesium needed can be determined by testing your first morning urine pH to avoid or correct metabolic acidosis.

Take enough super B Complex to keep your urine sunshine yellow (As in PERQUE Life Guard™* or PERQUE Life Guard™ mini*).

Measuring inflammation status

There are many biomarkers of inflammation with specific strengths and limitations. We recommend the predictive biomarker blood test, “hsCRP,” for “high-sensitivity C-reactive protein,” which is the best global measure of repair deficit inflammation. For best outcomes, we recommend a goal value less than 0.5 mg/dl. Plasma homocysteine is another valuable marker of inflammation status, and our recommendation is that this be maintained below 6 mg/dl. Since there is a close relationship between glucose insulin relationship in the body and cellular repair status, keep your HgbA1c at or below 5%.

Fighting with and suppressing inflammation is now known to not work well in most cases. Notice there are no anti-inflammatory medications recommended. Most NSAIDs, aspirin, and acetaminophen that are still available have a block box warning because of their harm. These medications slow repair and waste nutrients. They provide short term relief and long-term suffering. Today’s advanced molecular and biochemical understanding re-writes how to repair such conditions.

So… repair, renew, rehabilitate, restore, and recover starting now.

Repair is a marathon better done daily rather than a sprint. Magic bullets do not work. We can all make healthier choices when the alternative is suffering and early death. Choose health promotion and be well.

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